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We are the team of passionate graphic designers and sketch artists. Drafting the best logo is not just a project for us but, we believe it is an opportunity to add tremendous value to the brand of our clients.

We uphold highest standards of integrity in all of our actions. We value our people, encourage their development and reward their performance. We exhibit a strong will to win in the marketplace and in every aspect of our business.

We are not individual names or photos.

We are the ‘Team-HW’

The Process

2.Idea Generation
3.Pencil work
4.Digital Draft
5. Design Revision
6.File Transfer

Wordmark Logos

Negative Space Logos

Mascot / Emblem Logos

Icon Mark Logos

Branding Stationary

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Rs. 14500

5 Unique Logos Options

10 Logo Revisions

JPG & PDF Logo File

Transparent PNG & GIF

AI Editable Logo File

15 Days Delivery Time

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     Rs. 18500


10 Unique Logos Options

20 Logo Revisions

5 Visiting Card Design

5 LH & Envelop Design

3 Social Media Icon

JPG & PDF Logo File

Transparent PNG & GIF

AI Editable Logo File

CDR Editable Logo File

3D Mock Ups

12 Days Delivery Time

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Rs. 30500

20 Unique Logos Options

Unlimited Logo Revisions

10 Visiting Card Design

10 LH & Envelop Design

5 Social Media Icon

JPG & PDF Logo File

Transparent PNG & GIF

CDR Editable Logo File

3D Mock Ups

8 Days Delivery Time

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Happywinds Logo started to help users that didn't have a great budget at the beginning of their business adventure. we want to continue to give this opportunity providing professional and customized Logo Designs. If you think that our prices are expensive, please check our Creativity which is absolutely in line with our prices. Logo design cost is one time investment which directly impact your profits. You want to start it right from beginning. A good branding can upscale the image of your brand to charge high or sale more. Just imagine, even 15 to 20% impact on your sales will create huge impact on your annual profit. Happywinds Logo is one of the best logo designer of India and we believe our prices vs. value of delivery is reasonable.

Number of Unique Logo Concepts, Revisions and Stationary are the main differences that justify the prices. Silver Package is mostly preferred by Proprietorship & Partnership firms. Gold is the most popular package and chosen by Start Up Pvt. Ltd and LLPs. This covers everything which is available in Platinum Packages with bit lesser quantity but, it is sufficient. You also get stationary designs complimentary. Established Corporates or Start Up Ltd., prefer to go for Platinum package. Packages of Happywinds Logo are Non-Negotiable, however we may craft packages to fit your special needs in case required.

Happywinds Logo is in this field since a decade, trust our creativity and services. We believe in long term relationship. Very rare time this has happened where customer has not chosen from the given concepts. We can give additional concepts with upgrading of package. If customer wish to drop the project due to any other reason and do not use presented Logo Options, billing will be 50% discounted and customer will not be charged full – even though we have completed the job from our side.

REVISIONS are changes required by customers related to the delivered logos such as: add or remove details, make color variations, fix a wrong text, modify a graphic element, etc.. VERY IMPORTANT: REVISIONS aren't different design concepts of the same logo. Happywinds Logo can provide you additional concepts in case if needed along with revised package.

Stationary Designs include Print-Ready JPG and PDF files of BUSINESS CARD, LETTERHEAD and ENVELOPE designs based on your new logo. Happywinds Logo, will provide you stationery design options with Gold and Platinum packages.


SOCIAL MEDIA ICON is a small icon related to your PROFILE PIC is a square image ready to be used as a profile picture on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Gmail etc.

I have MY OWN LOGO IDEA. Can you develop it?

Sure, you can draw your own idea on paper, click it and send us. We will redesign it on vector platform and add as one of the option along with our Ideas. Let’s compete – You choose the best you find.

Which Logo File FORMATS we get?

You will need different file formats for different uses. You may need JPG & PDF for Print Media Advertisement, Transparent PNG & GIF for Website and Intro Videos. You may need Scalable Vector files AI or CDR for printing Logo on big size standee, Hording and also, small size Logo for Printing on Pen, Cap, T-shirt etc. Happywinds Logo is committed to support you for any help as and when required even after completion of project.

What is the AI or CDR VECTOR file?

VECTOR file is an image that can be resized without any loss of quality. You can easily change size, colors and graphic elements using vector graphics software like Adobe Illustrator or Coral draw. Best for printing, high-res display and for any needs. Happywinds Logo will also provide EPS or SVG Formats.

What is the 3D MOCK UPS?

logo mockup is a template where your logo is presented in more realistic and creative way. Logo mockups come in with different background such as business cards, wood surfaces, signage, Hording and more. Happywinds Logo provides you Logo MockUps to visualize how your logo will actually look like.

Is your work UNIQUE? What if we don’t get TM?

Your logo will be specifically designed from scratch to meet your needs and stand out from the others. Our process of Logo design starts from rough drawings and ends at scalable vector file. All intellectual property rights of the purchased delivery are assigned to you. In future, if you face any difficulties in TM of your logo due to other resembling of logo, we are committed to Completely Redesign your Logo - Free off Cost or Money Back which ever is preferable however, Happywinds Logo refrains take any other responsibility or liability of any kind in this regards. (Till now, no such incident accrued since we started).

Where is your OFFICE LOCATED? How can we MEET?

We are bases at Ahmedabad, Gujarat. We cater our services to domestic as well as international customers from here. In this digital era, we find one line messages on Whatsapp or a mail or a Mobile Call is sufficient to understand the project and communicate further. Meetings is not yielding ROTI (Return on Time Invested). Still, if it is necessary, we meet on webex or Whatsapp Video Call.


Currently, Whatapp is best platform to send Logo Options to show (Till new Social platform picks up). You can check your logo options on screen. We shall send you final High resolution files on e-mail. Happywinds Logo assure that you will find total ease of communication. We shall keep on giving stage wise update time to time.


Currently, Whatapp is best platform to send Logo Options to show (Till new Social platform picks up). You can check your logo options on screen. We shall send you final High resolution files on e-mail. Happywinds Logo assure that you will find total ease of communication. We shall keep on giving stage wise update time to time.

Basic Concepts of Logo

Logos are images, texts, shapes, or a combination of the three that depict the name and purpose of a business – to put it simply. However Happywinds Logo believes, a logo can and should be more than a symbol of identification. If designed well, it also tells a company’s story, by conveying your brand message in a way that helps to establish an emotional connection with your target audience.

A logo is important – mainly being that it: Makes a great first impression, which invites customers to interact with your brand :

  • Helps you to create a brand identity
  • Gives your company a symbol through which people can better remember you
  • Distinguishes you from competitors
  • Fosters brand loyalty

So, creating a logo should clearly be high on your list of priorities when starting a business.

what are the elements that you can use to make it happen?


Colors go way beyond aesthetic appeal – they’re the core communicators of your message. They tell your audience if you’re playful or serious, innovative or wholesome, cutting-edge or timeless and stable. Your logo color palette can be made up of a single color or several (although we recommend staying within a two- or three-color combination). The colors you pick will later seep into other branding materials you create as well, so choose wisely!


This is basically what all of us non-design folks think of as a font; typography includes the letters you’d see in a logo, arranged in some kind of consistent design. You’ll find logos built around a single letter, a monogram, or even the full name of a business.


An image can range from the simplest arrow to a detailed rendition of an abstract orangutan. It can be an icon, a symbol – perhaps a picture that represents something you sell or a value you stand for.

If you’re choosing to go with an image, remember that your logo will likely need to be resized depending on where it’s being placed; try to use something that looks clear and scalable.

Good logos are critical for a business, as they establish the brand in a way that resonates with its customers.

Ease of Recognition

A logo should be easily recognizable in large- and small-print. You want consumers to recognize your brand, whether it's embroidered on a t-shirt, on a billboard or in a digital ad on someone's phone. Your logo should be simple and should not compete with other company logos. You don't want to roll out an ad campaign with a big yellow "M" that consumers might possibly confuse with McDonald's, as logos are trademarked, and a logo that reminds consumers of a trademarked logo could land the newer company in legal hot water.

Reflects Your Business

One of the things that makes the Nike Swoosh so successful as a logo is that it reflects its business. The name Nike represents the Greek goddess of victory, and the swoosh reflects the speed and flight-like qualities that users might experience while wearing the shoes. Other brand logos clearly show what the company does, which helps consumers understand what you can do for them immediately. Swirl frozen yogurt has a little swirl of yogurt as its logo. This prevents consumer confusion. Happpywinds Logo believes that most good logos have a reason for choosing the images used in the logo.

Consumer Demonstrate Loyalty by Wearing Logos

Consumers are loyal to great brands. Golfers adorn hats with the Titleist logo. Harley Davidson riders love anything and everything with the Harley Davidson logo. Apple logo users will place Apple stickers on computers, books, even cars. Good logos are something your target audience uses via other merchandising efforts. BMW is a car company, not an apparel company, yet loyal customers wear hats and shirts proudly demonstrating loyalty and pride for the brand. This is great social proof to attract others into becoming part of the club by buying your products.

Evoke Emotional Responses

A company can use the color schemes of logos to help develop an emotional tie to a product or brand. One company selling juice might use orange to evoke happy feelings about vacations in the tropics, where another company selling high-end watches could use black to keep with the formal feel of black-tie events. Green suggests cohesiveness and harmony, often with Mother Earth. Happywinds Logo is understanding how every component affects the perception the consumer has is important, down to the primary and secondary colors used in the logo and that is the reason why they are aspiring to be the best Logo Designer of India.

Different Types of Logo Designs.

Abstract Mark, Wordmark, Pictorial Mark, Emblem, Letterform. There are many different types of logos – a logo might be just a name set in a chosen typeface or a mark or both. They’re all a combination of typography and images, and each type of logo gives your brand a different look & feel.

And since your logo is the first thing your audience will see – you want to get it right. Which type of logo is best for a particular company?

1. Word Mark: Word mark (or logo type) is a freestanding acronym, company name, or product name that has been designed to convey a brand attribute or positioning.

2. Letterforms: A unique design using one or more letterforms that act as a mnemonic device for a company name

3. Emblem: A mark in which the company name is inextricably connected to a pictorial element

4. Pictorial Mark: An immediately recognizable literal image that has been simplified and stylized

5. Abstract Mark: A symbol that conveys a big idea, and often embodies strategic ambiguity

Happywinds Logo Designer have designed hundred of Logos of different types which is available on www.happywindslogo.com

Here are top seven qualities of effective logo design, complete with tips for putting these tips into practice for your business:

1. Simple: DO streamline your design. DON'T overcomplicate things.

Because you want your logo to be easily recognizable, you want it to be simple---a lightning-fast way for users to notice and remember your brand. “A complicated logo will not only make your logo difficult to reproduce and maintain, but you will also fail to engage your audience."

2. Distinct: DO set yourself apart. DON'T look just like the competition.

In today's cluttered marketplace, finding a way to stand out amongst the competition can seem pretty challenging. Without a distinct logo design, you may find potential clients and customers have a hard time recognizing your brand. As one of the Best Logo Designer Company, Happywinds Logo Designer ensures that each logo designs are distinct.

3. Versatile: DO consider various applications. DON'T design for just one size or medium.

A great logo can be printed at different sizes, across different mediums and in different applications without losing its power. “Graphics have to be versatile enough that they can be used in many different mediums,” “A good logo has to work well on the web, on letterhead, in print ads, and in video. Good graphic designers know that what looks great in a site banner might not work on a brochure or vice versa, so they carefully craft a logo that looks good no matter what.”

4. Appropriate: DO think about your industry. DON'T feel the need to be obvious.

An effective logo should be appropriate, but that doesn’t mean it has to be as obvious as you might expect. “McDonald’s … could have went with a juicy burger next to the name, but instead they took the first initial ‘M’ and created an icon that was both simple and visually pleasing to look at as an asymmetrical element.” Whether you follow the example of McDonald's or its competitor Burger King, who puts a hamburger in the middle of their logo design, your logo needs to be appropriate to your brand. Happywinds Logo designer ensures that your logo is appropriate to match your brand and your industry.

5. Targeted: DO think about your industry. DON'T feel the need to be obvious.

DO design for your intended audience. DON'T forget the customer.

As with any business endeavor, understanding your audience is key. Whatever your industry, your logo needs to be able to connect with the people you are marketing to. “The important thing a logo needs to do is to speak to your target audience.”

6. Memorable: DON'T be forgettable. DO leave an impression.

Making a logo that’s memorable may seem complex, but ,it’s of great importance. “A great logo will remain memorable enough that a person who has only seen the logo once should still be able to recall it enough to describe the logo to someone else. This is not the easiest of qualities to impart, but it is certainly a high ranking one so make sure your designs stays in their minds.

7. Timeless: DON'T be too trendy. DO aim for longevity.

“Trends come and go, and when you’re talking about changing a pair of jeans, or buying a new dress, that’s fine, but where your brand identity is concerned, longevity is key. ” This is the job of best Logo Designers to create logos which are Timeless in nature and Happywinds Logo Designers do it well.

The 12 Do’s And Don’ts For A Successful Logo Design.

1 – Keep Simple

Do - Most of the best logos are very simple, straightforward, and clear..

Don’t - Too much detail in the logo cramps and muddles the message you wish to put across.

2 – Be Unique

Do - You want your logo to stand out? Then be different. The first impression lasts and a successful logo that stands out for its uniqueness will click and will always be remembered.

Make your logo significant.

Don’t - Tie a logo to a particular trend, fad, or movement. In time your design becomes outdated, and your business will be outdated too

3 – Colour, Colour, Colour

Do - Colours do matter in your design.

Don’t - Mess up your logo.

4 – Versatility

Do - You will want your business seen in every possible media available

Don’t - Stick to one version of your design.

5 – Typography

Do - Choose a typeface that is easy to read and utilise a maximum of two fonts in Logo.

Don’t - Overuse fonts.

6 – Your Audience

Do - Nothing beats a well-researched design with your audience in mind.

Don’t - Impose your branding as if it is the be all and end all.

7 – Inspiration

Do - Draw out your design.

Don’t - Copy from other designs.

8 – Consistency

Do - When you have decided on a logo, stick to it.

Don’t - Change your logo ever too often. Changing it will confuse your audience and customers.

9 – Mind your Space

Do - Space in your design can be a boon or a bane.

Use it to your advantage by incorporating meaning into that space you left out.

Don’t - Use space in your logo without putting any meaning into it.

10 – Know your design

Do - You thought of it. You designed it. You must know it by heart.

Don’t – Study your design.

11 – Lines Matter

Do - Simple lines and bold shapes.

Don’t - Use sunbursts and swirls.

12 – In Motion

Do - Make a moving version of your logo.

Your static designs should have an animated version for digital use.

Don’t - Stick to a passive design.

Passive designs are acceptable in itself if the logo is well conceived and used when appropriate.


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